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Peter Pan, Disney's - Adventures in Neverland

  • Genre: Platform
  • Developer: Disney Interactive
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Released: 07 August 2002
  • Game ID: SCES-03709
  • No. of CD's: 1



Wendy has grown up and now has children of her own. But the real world is a very different place from the wonderful Never Land -- World War II is raging, and London has become a battleground. The one comfort Wendy has for her children is her wealth of stories about the remarkable place she used to know. Her boy Danny loves bedtime stories -- but 12-year-old Jane is a practical child with no patience for this nonsense. In this world torn apart by war, Jane sees no room for faith, trust and make-believe -- until she is kidnapped by Captain Hook and whisked away to Never Land! Now, the land of fantasy becomes a reality, and the silly boy who would never grow up is her hero.







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