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  • Genre: Platform
  • Developer: C.T.A. Developments
  • Publisher: Ocean
  • Released: 01 November 1996
  • Game ID: SLES-00053
  • No. of CD's: 1



The central character in this game is a mouse called Cheesy who appears at regular intervals on a satellite children's TV show. The game features a number of viewpoints that include 2D parallax, isometric 3D, top down 3D and a 1st person perspective playing angle.

Cheesy is trapped inside Dr Chem's castle where he must walk the treadmill to provide power for the mad scientists experiments. Somewhat cheesed off with this way of life, he must escape from the castle by seeking out magical items that will teleport him to the safety of the outside world.

Each level is accessed from a central chamber that has various doors and openings that lead to different sections of the castle. The chimney will lead to the roof while the drains will take cheesy into the piranha infested sewers.

Health power ups appear in the form of a slice of cheese while a number of weapons appear as you progress through the levels.

The gameplay involves an element of puzzle solving, timed jumps over flaming pits, bouncing off enemies to land on previously unreachable platforms and a fair bit of gun-totting.







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